I believe in the seeking of what is truly authentic

I believe in doing rather than pondering

I believe in learning quickly and evolving constantly

My name is Rico and I am a Bozeman-based Freelance Content Creator, focused on storytelling through photography and videography.

My main focus is in Adventure Travel, Action Sports, and Food & Drink, but from the start I have had a passion for Landscape and Wildlife photography that has evolved into Fine Art as well.

I love powder days, pizza, brown ales, and ice cream. If that sounds like someone you would want to CONNECT with, LET’S CHAT. Thanks for checking out my website. Cheers!


I’d love to hear from you. I typically reply within 24 hrs

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Experiencing the world through second hand information isn’t enough. If we want authenticity we have to initiate it.
— Travis Rice | Pro Snowboarder