2019 BSSA Skijoring | Big Sky, MT

Yesterday Danae and I decided to drive down to Big Sky and check out the Big Sky Skijoring Association (BSSA) 2nd Annual Best in the West Showdown and what an incredible rush it was to be able to experience and photograph this fast paced sport. There were food trucks, music and loads of fun for the entire family.

The week prior was the Gallatin Valley Skijoring Association’s event in Gallatin Gateway, and we were there for that as well; unfortunately the weather was too warm which led a slushy track, making for less than ideal conditions for horses and racers. Not yesterday! The temperature was in the high teens and kept on dropping as the race went on. In fact, by the time we were leaving, it started to snow.

The entire day was split into three different categories: beginner, sport, and pro, and as you can imagine the speed and difficulty of the track increases with each category. We showed up right in the middle of the beginner event and saw almost the entire rest of the race.

This was the second time we had been to a skijoring race, last week in Gallatin Gateway being our first. Many of the participants from that race were here too; I imagine the skijoring community isn’t huge. Perhaps that has something to do with few people would be willing to subject themselves to being pulled by a horse, at high speed, while on skis.

We had such a fun time and experiencing events like this only add to my fascination for horses. Of course I brought my camera and took lots of photos. Here are some of my favorites; I hope you enjoy. Until next time!

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