2019 Women's March | Bozeman, MT

Things are always more complicated than most people would care to admit. There are no easy answers to hard realities and no magic solution that will make everyone happy. Today was the Women’s March in Bozeman and hundreds of people of all ages and background took to the streets with signs advocating for women’s rights and the end to violence against women. I believe that those two things aren’t so complicated, specially the end to violence against women.

I did not know what to expect. However, I did want to understand more about how people are feeling about this and what it is that they are thinking about it. Going into situations like this, I do my best to become a fly on the wall; observing, documenting, and learning. I couldn’t help but notice the positive attitude in the people that were there, even though they were chanting things like “yes means yes; no means no”.

These are my favorite photos from the Women’s March. I believe in the betterment of all humanity; men, women, all races. It is when we come together and work together that the world moves forward. If you believe in something, whatever that is, speak up!

Bozeman based freelance content creator.