3rd Annual Creeks to Peaks Soap Box Derby | Livingston, MT

Growing up as a kid in Mexico, I had seen stuff like this in movies and I always thought it would be a great deal of fun. One thing I did not think about when I was a kid was how potentially dangerous a soap box derby can be, but who thinks of danger as a kid anyway? Beer, BBQ, a chilly Montana spring day and speed; what else could you ask for? It was an absolute blast being there and seeing the racers committed to their role, dressed up in costumes matching out their rides. Here are my favorite photos from the event; hope you enjoy them.

Soap Box Derby-12.jpg
Soap Box Derby-1.jpg
Soap Box Derby-4.jpg
Soap Box Derby-8.jpg
Soap Box Derby-5.jpg
Soap Box Derby-10.jpg
Soap Box Derby-9.jpg
Soap Box Derby-11.jpg
Soap Box Derby-7.jpg

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