Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center | West Yellowstone, MT

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, by now you have heard about a little indie movie called Avengers: Endgame. I’m a huge fan so naturally, I went to watch it last week on opening weekend; simply the most incredible culmination to ten years of cinematic storytelling. Truly. However, that was not enough to satiate my Marvel fandom; I wanted more.

We live in Bozeman, MT which is about 80 miles from West Yellowstone, one of the main gateways into Yellowstone National Park. As such, they see thousands upon thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Part of what makes West Yellowstone such a hub for tourists is that they have lots and lots of little souvenir and t-shirt shops, different restaurants, a great visitor center, and the only IMAX screen in the entire state of Montana, where they show films about the park’s wildlife and ecosystem to hordes of tourists, as well as the latest, most popular releases from Hollywood. Needless to say, I had some serious convincing to do to get Danae (the least Marvel fan ever) to agree to spend four hours in the car, to sit in a three hour long movie she had no interest in watching, to be away from home for the entire day. How did I convince her, you ask? Cue the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.

Danae had one stipulation when accepting her Endgame fate; to go to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, where we had never been to before, to which I readily obliged. As she shared our weekend plans with her friend, a fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, she and her husband quickly jumped at the chance to tag along. What sealed the deal was the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center because their two little boys, one of whom is a student in Danae’s 2nd grade class this year, would have loved it. They did; heck, we all did! Seeing grizzly bears and wolves so close, it was unreal. Now, I would take seeing wildlife out in the wild any day over seeing them in captivity, but this experience did not make it any less impressive. Here are my most favorite shots from our weekend adventure, sparked by my love for all things MCU. Hope you enjoy!

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